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Revshare Course - Questions (Part 1)

Welcome to the Revshare Course

In this lesson one we're going to go over some top revshares questions that newbies usually ask

Those questions are:

  • What is a revenue share?
  • What a red share is not?
  • How does the rest shall make money?
  • How do i make money in revshare?
  • What do I have to do to make money?
  • Do I have to sign people up?
  • Are revshares pyramids or Ponzi schemes?

We're going to answer all these questions in this lesson

. So let's start with the

What is the revenue share?

A revenue-sharing is basically a traffic exchange where we all look at each other's ads. we have all these banners that we have to look at. And every day we have to show up and look at these banners. So it's really it's a traffic exchange you look at my ads i look at your ads. Or you look at somebody else's ads. And when you buy these Adpacks you actually buy advertising credits.

So this is what they sell. They sell ad credits and this is what you buy. Remember this is very important. You buy advertising credits. This is the product that you get from the revshare.

With these add credits you can advertise your business if you have a website or you know or anything really online even offline and you can advertise the other offers. It can be affiliate offers or or anything.

Obviously you don't have to use those credits a lot of people don't I think way over 90% of people don't use those credits. They're interested only in the Profit part of shares.

And last but not least. A revenue share is risky. All revenue shares are risky. So do be careful.

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