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Click Intensity Overview
  Launch Date:
  27th Marc, 2016
  Total Members:
  115.000+ (2016-08-25)
  FREE / Paid
  Daily earnings:
  2 %
 status paying delay
 Risk: Low / Mid / High
 risk mid  
 Trust Score:1-10
 trust 8
  1 ad pack = $25 (mature $30 in 60-100 days)
  Level 1  ( 10%) Paid member   (5%) Free Member
  Level 2  (   1%) (100 Ad Packs)
  Level 3  (0.5%) (200 Ad Packs)
  Level 4  (0.5%) (400 Ad Packs)
  Level 5  (0.5%) (1000 Ad Packs)
  Level 6  (0.5%) (2000 Ad Packs)
  Level 7  (  2%)  (4000 Ad Packs)
  10 Ads daily
  Payments Accepted:
  bitcoin   stp      advcash payza   Paypal
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Click Intensity Business Concept Presentation


Welcome to Click Intensity. A Company built for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs.

What’s different with Click Intensity is that they pay to the 7th generation in your downline whereas the competition only pays on personally referred members and sales. Not only that bat they are moving into ads on mobile games, blogs, videos and more. The Click Intensity website looks clean, organized and sophisticated though the system is incredibly simple.

There have been many other businesses that have come across your desks looking for marketing leaders support because they need it in order to launch successfully.

Click Intensity is such a powerful system that thy will launch successfully no matter what.

Best part is, it’s absolutely free to join!

Everyone who participates will make money 100% of the time. It only be require a commitment of 15-30 minutes a day in order to benefit from it.

Internet advertising industry is generating upwards of 1 Billion dollars a day and even trillions a year Worldwide

Click Intensity projects their first year will easily be a Billion dollar year.

Because CI has reformatted what we know of the old traffic exchange systems and stepped it up to be the world’s first social advertising exchange, it is sure to be as revolutionary to the industry as Facebook has been to social media

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